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A typical upright napkin holder

  • Author:admin001
  • Release on:2019-07-08

 Napkin holder is a device used to hold napkins.it is also a type of display advertising and promotional equipment. Since the shape and structure of the package are usually determined by the shape of the packaged product, there are many patterns and types, but its characteristics do not change.
  Today, we mainly introduce a typical upright napkin holder. As the name implies, a napkin holder is a tool for holding and storing napkins, usually sandwiched between two surfaces.


  As shown in the picture,the outward pressure from a full load of napkins helps keep them between the two outer walls of the holder. In typical upright napkin holders, the surfaces tend to be the same size and, often, shape, making the napkin holders symmetrical. And the holder body, and the bottom is usually around the size of a conventional paper napkin, about 7.25 inches (184 mm) by 7.75 inches (197 mm) while the top side can be any virtually any shape, as it acts as a paperweight. Within this style, there is variation can follow customer's need


  To fill this box of decorative fabric, simply crush the side of the support and add a stack of standard sized handkerchiefs or napkins. Thanks to the simple and elegant look and functional design, this material holder will fit perfectly into any home decor and will bring comfort and class as your living space.

Any Style We Can Provide

HOT ITEM:Custom Frame Color Options

1. Silver color chromed frame
2. gold color chromed frame
3.shinny or matt black color power coated frame or other customized colors
4.matt sliver color frame

5.Tinplate frame

6.wooden frame

HOT ITEM:Custom Menuplate Options

1. 2mm transparent PS curved menuplate
2. 2mm transparent PS / Acrylic straight(high)plate with curved on top
3. 2mm transparent Acrylic straight menuplate
4. 2mm transparent Acrylic/ AS straight (high) plate with curved on top with printing on inner/outter side
5. 2mm non-transparent ABS straight(high)plate with curved on top with printing on outer side
6. Powder coated metal menuplate with customized shaped
7. 2mm transparent Acrylic menuplate with customized shaped with printing on inner/outer side

 In addition to vertical,another kind styles are horizontal napkin holder. Their appearance of printing in large part of its exquisite shape and decoration, landscaping products to promote and improve the competitiveness of goods. Napkin holders range between price and styles from wooden designs to wrought iron or ceramic styles and many others. It is suitable for the promotion activities of hotels, stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, beaches, squares, etc. And it is also good for the promotion of festival theme and new product launch, creating a relaxed shopping atmosphere.

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