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Advantage and disadvantage of screen printing

Advantage and disadvantage of screen printing


1. Durability:
Products have very durable graphics.the graphics will not wash away or respond to physical contact. Items printed in this way will last for years

2. Size :
Image can be scaled upwards or downwards as needed.

3. Versatility:
Photosensitive masks make it possible to generate these types of screens quickly. The surface does not have to be printed under pressure, unlike etching or lithography, and it does not have to be planar.


1. Limited color mixing :
Difficult to mix colors in an accurate and painterly way in order to simulate smooth gradients and other effects

2. multistep process
Small problems during the printing of any single screen could create an issue that offsets or distorts the completes image on tin box.

3.limited resolution
The exact limitations vary depending on the printer and equipment.attempting to print designs with small details can sometimes result in technical problems,bleeding and poor quality results