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Hotel service skills training----Serving tray service

  • Author:admin001
  • Release on:2019-04-01

Hotel service skills training

----Serving tray service

Saying the serving tray ,you may think of people in bar and restaurants in your mind. but do you really know the serving tray? And how to use it correctly?

Today,let me share you something about it. 

The types of tray:

1. Materials:wood,metal (silver,stainless steel) and bakelite
2. Usage:large, medium and small
3. Shape:rectangles,circles

How to carry a tray

1. Don’t only use your fingers but also use your palm of the hand to grip the tray to support your shoulders to carry the load

2. Try to handle the load by your hands,legs and hip do not take load on your hip which may cause back pain

3. Don’t move the tray or hand only but move your whole body when you need to turn and be careful while carrying hot foods

4. Carry the cocktail tray not only by thumb and index finger but also use other fingers for more control


1. Place all the items in all part of the tray to ensure proper balance

2. The heaviest item should be placed on the center of the tray

3. The lighter item should be placed on the corners,centering the heaviest items