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How PVC bar rail mat is made

  As a bar mat manufacturer in China, many customers may have many questions about how do we produce bar mat. Our company is willing to show the making process of PVC bar mat . Our purpose is helping our clients learn more knowledge related to bar mat and become more professional.

  Normally ,Our bar mat is customized bar mat , used for advertising or promotion. So the first steps is to make a bar mat mold according to your designs.

 The PVC bar mat mold is made of Aluminum.

  After bar mat mold is finished, our worker must wash and clean the mold, make sure there are no ashes and aluminum powder.

  At the beginning of production bar mat, liquid PVC injection molding. Use different color liquid PVC as customer’s design. During this step, we must compare the color to PANTONE color.

  Heating and cooling bar mat mold.

  After cooling bar mat, PVC bar mat becomes solid. Our worker will separate bar mat and mold.