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How to solve tin box case lacquer?

Nowadays, the packaging materials on the market are the most common in tinplate box packaging. In every profession, tinplate box packaging can be seen. Because of the special nature of the tinplate box itself, the poor retention may be in the process of transferring to the truck without paying attention to the light handing, it will present a picture of paint. Is there any way to avoid and correct the situation of lacquer?

It is not a rare question that the tinplate box has been used for a long time or used improperly, which is the primary reason why the tinplate box has lost its paint. Questions about the durable use of iron boxes are due to long-term oxidation and exposure to strong light, resulting in drying and brittleness of the printed surface of iron boxes, producing a foaming scene, once thought to touch, the printed surface will be easy to fall, if not repaired in time, will result in a large area of paint loss, severe It will attack rust, and scrap the iron box. As for the above situation, white candle oil can be used to drop to the paint drop position, a thin layer, so that the place has not yet shed will not become dry and brittle. The main reason for the improper use of the paint is that the workers neglect to pack the iron boxes in the transportation process, which causes the iron boxes to touch each other during the transportation process, and then the printing surface will be damaged. To avoid this situation, it is necessary to pack each tin box with a PO bag during the packaging process. Attack of above condition