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The Process Flow of Napkin Holder

  • Author:Admin001
  • Release on:2019-06-18
  Last time,we shared the process flow of Bar mats,from mold manufacturing,raw material selection and production.Are you also interested in the Process Flow of the Napkin Holder?
   Yes,this is other production process flow about Napkin Holder,I hope you will like it. Our goal is to help our customers learn more about Napkin Holder and become more professional.
   Let's get started!

1.Iron material: Stock large quantities of iron materials makes our cost lower and makes production quicker.After confirming the order, we select the most suitable iron material, iron type, size to meet the requirements of the order.

2.Printing: Colors can be customized, any Pantone colors are available. Please provide us Pantone color no. to match.  It makes the product beautiful and fashion looking.

3.Cutting and Stamping: Advanced manufacturing equipment makes the napkin holder durable and achieves a better quality.

4.Punching: Pressing and forming the iron sheet on the punching machine

A. Plating frame parts production

B. Manganese sheet parts production

C. The push board parts production

5.Installation: Assemble all the parts together:First press the stamped napkin holder and the plated frame with each rivet and the rubber feet. Then install the push plate and the four rivets on the menu. After all the accessories have been installed, the entire finished product is finally completed.

6.Packing: The packaging group puts the products into plastic bags and boxes

  As one of China's leading suppliers of quality promotional products, LONGRICH has supplied thousands of promotional Napkin Holder to local and international companies with brands including Cocacola, Cointreau, Smirnoff and more. Advanced technology and improve its services, to ensure that your production flow.

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