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The difference between four-color painting and spot-color painting

A lot of times customers ask us if we need color or four-color printing, but many customers do not know very well the definition of monochromatic or four-color printing. Today's beauty is to share with you the difference between tinplate printing and four-color printing

1. Spot print:

Spot color printing is based on the Pantong color card color. The ink is first adjusted, then printed and only one color is printed. Obviously, depending on the model, it is possible to have different shapes and patterns and different spot colors together make up different color models. Since the spot color is not the color that sticks out, because the surface does not have the point, it is quite smooth

2, four-color printing:

Four-color printing is printed with four basic inks, blue, red, yellow and black. It is printed from offset printing (such as printing on paper). You can print different reasons. Seen from a magnifying glass, they are dotted (like a TV display, with pixels). After enlarging N times, Iit's a network of points.

The difference between fourcolorand flat colors:

1. Cost:

The tinplate tin can is a two-color machine (you can print only two colors at a time, instead of four or six colors at a time, as in paper), so a four-color printing requires two printing trips, while For spot color printing, you need to print a spot color twice. You can print two spot colors at a time, so that two spot colors are printed twice, so the cost of printing two spot colors is the same as that of a four-color print. When printing four spot colors, the cost is the cost of two-color printing. So the cost of printing is going up.

2. Color:

Four-color printing is the color of the impact, because each number of different printing ink, the impact color will be diverted (because the printing is performed by the machine and people to complete the joint operation, so each print in batch can not adjust the ink in an absolutely correct way, so there will be a deviation between each batch of four-color printing), the typography can generally promise about 90% with the model. And the spot color printing, is to adjust the ink after printing, the adjustment ink is based on the Pantong color card to adjust, so the color difference is relatively less than four colors.

3. Beautiful appearance:

Since four-color printing is the color of the collision, there is a point above, with a magnifying glass, the point above is very light, so if you look closely, the surface is relatively rough. The spot print is not stitched, the surface is smoother, relatively beautiful, of course the four-color printing is able to print colorful patterns and the spot color can only print a single pattern.

4. How to choose four colors or spot colors for printing

If the general scheme is more complicated, the four-color printing is chosen. If the pattern is single and the color is only one or two, then the spot print will look good, especially the single color over a large area. It will be better to choose the spot color. So, a four-color design, if you have a large area of ​​a single color, you can choose four-color printing plus a spot color print and, of course, the cost is a little higher.