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The origin of the tin plate

  • Author:Admin
  • Release on:2018-08-28

The origin of the tin plate comes from Bohemia, from the 14th century, people there began to produce tin. Also known as electrolytic tinplate, which stands for tin coating on the surface of the cold rolled coil to prevent rust. The unique characteristics of window tin box steel determine its full range of applications in the international tinplate packaging industry. With the abundance of CC and DR steel and tin-free steel, which enhances the development of packaging industrialization technology, innovation is omnipresent in tinned steel.

  The characteristic of anti-oxidation, of various types and of the beauty in printing allows the tin to be widely used in food containers, in pharmaceutical packaging, in daily packaging, in the equipment package and in the industrial package.

  From the first food product that can be produced in the year 1810 in Great Britain, the trend of development of the bandborn has become a thinner thickness and a less tin coating for toto changeof the can industry and save on cosyou.