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UV printing

  UV printing is a form of digital printing that uses ultraviolet lights to dry or cure ink while it is printed. While the printer distributes the ink the surface of a material like serviette ring, specially designed UV lights follow closely, "Polymerize" or "dry" the ink instantly.

  The use of digital UV printing is certainly a hot topic in the print the world now. It is the fastest growing sector of digital inkjet printing and more sustainable than conventional printing.

  UV printing technology offers users direct printing capabilities on a practically unlimited range of three dimensional supports that allow rapid and easy product customization. The UV ink is printed directly onto the substrate and when the inks are exposed to UV light they turn from a liquid to a solid immediately.

  UV printing technology is a growing trend in printing industry that replaces the traditional silk screen and pad printing applications. The main the difference between the two is that the UV ink is cured using a photomechanical process rather than evaporation of the solvent then eliminating VOC (volatile Organic compounds). UV printing allows printers to work in a clean environment safer environment thanks to the zero emission of solvents in the air. The the environment also benefits from the lack of need to use solvents in the cleaning process.