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Will you find the bottle opener you want

  • Author:admin001
  • Release on:2019-06-29
The bottle opener is a device that can remove the metal cap from the bottle. In recent years, Bottle openers take many forms to attract young men. There are several distinct designs of LONGRICH bottle openers,will you find the bottle opener you want?

A simple bottle opener

A simple opener is a piece of metal with a rectangular or circular opening in one end and a large enough solid handle at the other end that can be sandwiched between the thumb and forefinger. The opening includes a lip that is placed under the edge of the bottle top, and that pulls upward when an upward force is applied to the handle end of the opener.This type of opener is small and durable, so it is frequently used as a keychain .

A wall-mounted bottle opener
The way of working is the same as the lever variation, except that it is attached to the wall to allow for a simpler bottle opening, which can be done with one hand. The bottle cap may fall into a bottle cap catcher mounted below the opener, or you can retrieve it after removed from the bottle.

Retro style wall mounted bottle opener is also a beautiful decor to the bar, kitchen, etc.. Simple installation,only using several screws, then it would be attached to the wall.

Novelty design
In recent years, Bottle openers designers have taken many forms to attract young people.Such as a surfboard shaped bottle opener, baseball cap with bottle opener in the visor, in the form of a ring that can be worn, as part of a belt buckle, or in the different shapes for sports, a guitar, cartoon or car key. With the recent improvement of the invention, high-definition graphics, more and more novel beer bottle openers become popular promotional products for many beer brands.

 As one of China's leading suppliers of quality promotional products, LONGRICH has supplied thousands of promotional Bottle openers to local and international companies with brands including Cocacola, Smirnoff and more. Advanced technology and improve services to ensure that your production flow.