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You can not think of the usage of serving tray.

  • Author:admin001
  • Release on:2019-04-01

You can not think of the usage of serving tray.

Saying the serving tray ,you may think of people in restaurants and canteens in your mind. You must not know the serving tray can still be used like this:
In a hotel,infinity pool,a tray full of food directly floating in the water and eating breakfast~~

So nice~~

After reading it, I really wanted to buy a tray!

I'm not using tray to install serving food, but for storage. the tray is a powerful tool to store and the flexibility is very high.There are no specific rules,just choose the style you like.

Here are some of the more used tray storage.

The tray on the dressing table :it can be used to place combing supplies, perfumes and jewelry, especially the perfumes and jewelry.their bottle is very beautiful and they can be a small decoration in their own right. If it is placed in the tray,it is easy to access, but also a little more refined.
Here, I would like to recommend a mirror tray, which is ideal for storing metal and glass objects. The extension of the mirror makes the jewelry more three-dimensional, and it also has a texture with the perfume bottle.

In addition, the tray can also be turned into a mini wine cabinet, a mini-tea room, an aroma candlestick, a small plant landscape, etc

The tray is made of metal, enamel, bamboo and rattan, synthetic materials, etc. However, in the past two years, marble tray also began to pop up.it is placed on the hand-washing table, dressing table, table top, and the beauty of the storage.

I hope that you will like the ones I recommend.