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benefits of tin can packaging

Today's society, tin box and tin can packaging has occupied almost all industries, from food tin, medicine tin box to cosmetics tin box, our life has been everywhere. One reason is that the tin box and the tin can are environmentally friendly, the other is because of the grade and transportation problems, there is also an important reason, because the tin box and the tin can packaging on the human body has other packaging irreplaceable benefits.

As we all know, iron is an essential trace element in human body, and has great effect on the human body.

Firstly, the iron element in the tin box is closely related to the human blood. It is the component of hemoglobin, myoglobin, cytochrome A and some respiratory enzymes. It also participates in the transport, exchange and tissue respiration of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body. Especially for female friends, easy to anaemia, long-term use of iron box can packaging products, blood tonic has a certain role. Of course, the iron intake in the tin box is limited, more attention should be paid to diet and living habits. Because iron is involved in many important biochemical processes in the body, iron is an indispensable element in tissue metabolism, iron deficiency can cause a variety of tissue changes and dysfunction, such as affecting the development of lymphoid tissue and resistance to infection. Therefore, people should eat more iron-rich foods, such as animal liver, animal blood and lean meat to achieve the purpose of enhancing resistance.