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ice bucket manufacturing technology

  The manufacturing technology of ice bucket is actually a concrete application of comprehensive technology. The production process seems simple, but it involves many technical fields.

  For example: tin plate uncoiling leveling - tin plate shaping technology: barrel body rolling, flanging, bulging - metal plastic deformation cold processing technology: spot welding - metal material splicing technology: barrel bottom cover production. Spray drying -- surface coating technology and heating technology.

  The design of the surface of the ice bucket - printing technology. Among them also used such as rolling technology, forging technology, hydraulic transmission technology pneumatic transmission technology, bulging technology, automatic control technology and so on. Therefore, barrel technology is not a separate study, it is a comprehensive application of multidisciplinary. The synthetic structure of the barrel body is composed of one piece and two pieces. One piece has only one splicing bone opening, and two pieces have two splicing bone opening. This will depend on the size of the ice barrel and mold design. The larger the shape and specification, the more need for two pieces of synthetic processing.