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tin box printing

Tinplate printing is the first item in the packing of tin box. How to produce a successful tin box is an important step in the whole production process, which is directly related to whether the decoration of the tin box is exquisite and beautiful. The following are the problems that we should pay attention to in printing tin

1.Before printing, we should check the surrounding environment of the equipment, clean and use the materials carefully: verification of the process, ink order, selection of the coating film for the tea cans, Standards and other checks are correct and damaged before the production to ensure the occurrence of quality accidents.

2. The effect of post-printing process on product quality is mainly reflected in product standard, inner layer tea pot. Whether the order is damaged, whether the reverse packaging is strong, and whether the appearance is neat and beautiful, the post-printing process is also a process that can not be ignored in the integrated printing iron process.

In short, there are many factors that affect the quality of printing products, but from the point of view of the process, the quality problems are simply caused by these first elements. Understanding these elements and manipulating them can ensure the stability of printing quality. Cut to avoid the presentation of unqualified products, reduce printing costs, advance competitiveness and efficiency.