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what is UV inkjet printing

  • Author:admin001
  • Release on:2019-04-25
UV inkjet printing is a non-contact, pressure-free, print-free printing replication technology. It has the common feature of digital printing without printing, and it can realize variable information printing without contact.

(1) Principle of UV inkjet printing

There are many kinds of UV inkjet printing methods. The basic principle is to input the graphic information stored in the computer to the inkjet printer first, and then through a special device (piezoelectric ceramic nozzle) under the control of the electronic computer. The nozzle sprays a mist of ink droplets onto the surface of the substrate (the principle is the same as that of the super atomizer), and directly forms an image on the surface of the substrate by UV light irradiation according to the charge effect, and becomes the final printed matter.

UV printing problems: 1. UV inkjet positioning is poor, the surface of the exposed wood, the reason for the size of the wooden box is different. 2. The front pattern is wrong, the English ZERO letter is missing, because the color difference of the inkjet color in the middle of the way and the LOGO size are not correct, the factory mistakes the artwork when re-adjusting the file. 3. There will be significant chromatic aberrations in different batches of inkjet. 4. The surface is easy to scrape off the pigment, and the white ash is not sufficiently attached.